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company owner Located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Lancaster County Cabinetry specializes in custom cabinetry and woodworking.

After completing military service in 1994 I decided to focus on my love of woodworking. Through an extensive apprenticeship program I received comprehensive training in all aspects of cabinetmaking. Since that time I have been fortunate to work in a very diverse range of shops, from the most humble of kitchen shops to large commercial manufacturers building for nationally recognized retailers. Of all the work I have done, however, the projects I enjoy the most are those for individual clients who share their dreams with me and collaborate to make them a reality. As an intentionally small cabinet shop I have my hand on every part of your project, so from first design to final installation you can take confidence that your project is being handled by someone you trust. It is a personal touch that not every cabinet maker can provide. It is also a business model that allows me to be very competitive on pricing and provide a higher quality product at a lower cost. Please consider talking with Lancaster County Cabinetry about your project. The only limits on what we can do are our imagination and your budget!

Scott Taylor